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Clean and Safe

Dear customers, given the current situation and in order to protect everyone's health as effectively as possible, we have installed some equipment and instituted mandatory measures within the public spaces of the hotel for all customers, partners or visitors. So for your information and security, you should carefully read the information provided, following the guidelines:

- Alcohol / gel dispensers for hand disinfection,
- Protective acrylics in reception service,
- Limitation marking for waiting for service.

- You should use the available alcohol / gel dispensers whenever:
- Enter the hotel
- Using elevators or stairs
- Use the toilet in the common areas
- Access to the restaurant
- Wait in the area marked at the different counters, or keep a distance of 1 meter from the counter.
- A safe distance between waiting people must be kept at the counters,
- When circulating in the common areas of the hotel, you must wear a face protection mask.

- Contact preferably by phone,
- Preferably use the means of payment by card and contactless,
- Clean your hands before and after using any equipment,
- Use face protection mask during face-to-face contact,
- The use of services at the Health Club & SPA must be done by pre-booking by phone,
- The SPA area (whirlpools, massages and treatments) can only be used at the same time, individually or for people who live together,
- The Sauna, Jacuzzi and Turkish bath are not available,
- The use of the gym areas is made individually or by people who live together and their equipment must be disinfected by the user before and after use with a disinfectant available in the area.

- In order to guarantee social distance due to health issues, we reduced the number of tables, and increased the meal schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- Entrance to the dining room is made at the following time:
- Breakfast - 7h, 8h and 9h.
- Lunch - 12h, 13h and 14h.
- Dinner - 19h, 20h and 21h.
- After the allowed capacity is exhausted, customers have to wait in the waiting room by the pool.
- Access to the buffet can only be done by one person, or by several who live in the same room, for each buffet line available, and the use of face protection mask is mandatory.
- The collection of food must be done quickly, thus avoiding a long wait on the part of other customers.
- The handling of the cutlery for serving must be done using a disposable glove and placed in the trash after use.

- The pool is cleaned daily by an employee in the morning before opening it, its disinfection is done automatically by a motorized system.
- It is recommended that the use of the pool is made in moderation by its users, respecting the principle of citizenship and common sense as to the crowd of people.

- The hotel has a room prepared and equipped for the isolation of people who can be detected as suspicious of covid 19, with a company employee trained to start the procedures, accompanying the person (s) to the room, providing him / her assistance and immediately contact the national health service. If the client (s) do not want to follow the procedures defined by the DGS, the local authorities will be contacted immediately.
- All of our rooms are quarantined for 24 hours after cleaning and check-in.
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